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Other Comics by Me That You Should Not Miss…

More comics from me this week. First up, there’s a new UNcubed comic. Secondly, there’s a new installment of “The Other World” now posted on the OWC site. Finally, check …

Cover Illustration / India Currents Magazine

On newsstands in California – the June issue of India Currents features the first appearance of UNcubed on its cover. This is my second cover design for the magazine. -Krishna

UNcubed is BACK!

Updates to happen once a week, usually on the weekends. Read the latest! -Krishna

Uncubed: The Proof is in the Padding

A new UNcubed pokes its head this weekend. Check it out! -Krishna

Two Panels for the Price of One

A new UNcubed for the week is now up. Life keeps getting in the way, forcing the updates to be late each week. Apologies, but those are the facts. In …

UNcubed Teaser: Squatter's Rights

In case you missed it, a brand new UNcubed! And let’s congratulate Aarti – she’s now a US citizen! -Krishna