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HDMI Headache


While I had a lot of fun with the last storyline, I felt that the time was right to switch back to tech focused strips, like the one above. Let …

The New Computer


The deadline demon strikes once again. Hope you dig a new installment of the Other World, my comics for site sponsor Other World Computing. The PCW story continues on Monday. …

A Final Salute


Art imitates life. After 5 years of keeping my Mac Pro’s box, it was time to finally say good-bye. Why do I like hanging on to old boxes? Perhaps it’s …

Run of the Mill


Time to switch things up with a few tech-themed ‘toons. So, inquiring minds want to know – what’s your computing setup like? Have you tried Bob’s setup? Sound off in …

Meet Arnold: First Impressions of the Roomba 560

We have our own robot. Typing those words feels ever so strange, but thanks to the Roomba 560, we’re Living in The Future ™. As a kid, I’d always imagined …

Kindred Spirits


Who is Shari? And why does she hate computers? Stay ‘tooned… -Krishna