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Play Time with Sonia


As a father of a six year old, I can tell you one thing for sure. If it’s quiet and your kid isn’t having a nap or sleeping -they are …

Go Fourth!


I’m taking the weekend off to enjoy the 4th of July weekend. Stay safe and see you on Monday! -Krishna

Daddy Daughter Time


Because you demanded it (well, at least two of you), Sonia is back! Who is Sonia, you ask? Long time readers will remember her from her scattered appearances throughout the …

Check Out


Hopelessly glued to a smartphone? There’s hope yet, as Bob points out… Please share, retweet, e-mail this comic if you got a chuckle from it. Thanks for reading the PC …

Minus Emotional Baggage


Changing the tone for a spell. Inks and colors will be up later today. -Krishna

The Big Disconnect


I’m sure none of you with spouses have ever had this conversation. Nope. Not a one. Chalk it to serendipity that after plotting this strip that I came across a …