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Tuesday PCW Book Sketches and a Call to Action

The book order processing continues. Above are two sketches – one within a copy of “Rebootus Maximus”, the first PC Weenies book – the other is a sketch that accompanies …

Bob and Grampa: Inks on bristol

Here’s a piece featuring Grampa and Bob that I drew as part of a recent Artist Edition order of “Rebootus Maximus”. The piece was inked using Pitt artist pens on …

Sketches on a Friday

Some Friday afternoon sketches for your perusal. –Krishna

Talk to the Mask


Time for some fun! Where are you reading today’s PCW comic from? What do you think of the story so far? Sound off in the comments below! P.S. Only 11 …

Art: Bristol PCW sketch

If you buy an Artist Edition of PC Weenies “Rebootus Maximus”, you will get a sketch of your favorite PC Weenies character on bristol board. Above is one such sketch, …

Art: Skull Fighter

It literally feels like forever since I’ve done a drawing jam. Here’s one called “Skull Fighter”, which is available as a 2560×1600 desktop wallpaper if you click on it. -Krishna