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PC Weenies Annual #1 pencils

As promised, here are the pencils for the forthcoming PC Weenies Annual #1. Still up in the air as to which cover I’m going to go with… -Krishna

PCW Stickers Now Available for Sale!

The first batch of PC Weenies stickers have arrived… and they came out GREAT! actual size: Stick it to your rig with an official Bob Certified decal. This 2.5″ x …

Pre-orders open: New PC Weenies poster (limited edition) for sale!

I’m taking pre-orders for a limited run 24″ x 36″ PC Weenies poster featuring the illustration above. (You can see how the whole thing came together on my Tumblr blog.) …

Wednesday evening PCW sketch

Should I ink this one? Do *you* want to ink this one? ;) -Krishna

Breaking Ground

Work on building the first PC Weenies book has begun in earnest. Thus far, I’ve been hammering out the details for the format, dimensions and size of the book. The …

Before and After (PCW miscellaneous art)

Some random art I created this evening… (all digital) -Krishna