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A Captive Audience

As a Patreon supporter of PC Weenies, you can read my comics as they are created. Plus, much much more – including illustrations as they’re made and high quality desktop …

Oddly Enough
The Realization

Friday’s comic was initially scheduled for Wednesday, but I held back from publishing it to work on the dialogue a bit more. Anyhoo, it’s now up, and I’m pleased with …

Lock In

Welcome back, Pam! What happens next? Stick around, kemosabe! -Krishna

Will You Be My Valentweenie?

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day. To commemorate the event, I’ve made a special Valentine’s comic for your viewing pleasure. The story will resume once again – think of this as a …

Hover Over

Presenting a slight detour to see what good ol’ Vindaloo and Pam have been up to… -Krishna