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The Realization

Friday’s comic was initially scheduled for Wednesday, but I held back from publishing it to work on the dialogue a bit more. Anyhoo, it’s now up, and I’m pleased with …

Lock In

Welcome back, Pam! What happens next? Stick around, kemosabe! -Krishna

Will You Be My Valentweenie?

Hey, it’s Valentine’s Day. To commemorate the event, I’ve made a special Valentine’s comic for your viewing pleasure. The story will resume once again – think of this as a …

Hover Over

Presenting a slight detour to see what good ol’ Vindaloo and Pam have been up to… -Krishna

The Terror in the Night

Better late than never – today’s “Halloweenie”-themed PC Weenies toon. Enjoy! Krishna

Bobbing for Work

October is here, which means that this month PC Weenies turns 15 years old! One more year, and this webcomic can finally apply for a driver’s license. :) -Krishna