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A Little Setback

At long last, Grampa “Gus” Weiner (Bob’s dad, for you short timers), finally makes an appearance. Next week, we check back in with Bob and his new “friends”. Stay ‘tooned! …

A Better Place

The fastest Internet speeds in the world include Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Latvia, Romania, Belgium, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Israel and Singapore. Some of the slowest in the world include Libya, …

A Dearth in the Family

Milton gets the news… -Krishna

A Highly Personal Matter

TMI, Vindaloo. -Krishna

Greatly Exaggerated

We last saw Apchuck in July, and now we see how he, Oreville and Vindaloo handle the news… And, if I’m not mistaken, this is the first time I’ve ever …

A Moment Alone

Let us join Pam and take a moment of silence for Bob. -Krishna