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An Egg-slent Strategy

I went several rounds on this comic, because I knew what I wanted to say, but had some wording issues. Special thanks to my favorite patrons for helping me by …

A Fresh Start

Bob gives new meaning to “weight watcher”. -Krishna

Sonia’s Drawing

If it’s too nerdy for you, don’t worry, there’s more where that came from. I vetted it against my illustrious band of Patreon supporters. And speaking of which, one of …

Wants versus Needs

It’s easy to rationalize our wants as needs. The challenge, I feel, is to see how far we can go with as little as possible. -Krishna

Head Games
A Mother’s Day Dilemma

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. Don’t forget to thank your mom for everything she’s done for you. And if you’re feeling extra generous, forget the card and get her a …