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A Highly Personal Matter

TMI, Vindaloo. -Krishna

Greatly Exaggerated

We last saw Apchuck in July, and now we see how he, Oreville and Vindaloo handle the news… And, if I’m not mistaken, this is the first time I’ve ever …

A Moment Alone

Let us join Pam and take a moment of silence for Bob. -Krishna

Right off the Top

If you’ve received your PCW T-shirt, feel free to send over a photo! -Krishna

Difficult to Stomach

I’m posting this comic a few hours earlier than normal. Enjoy! New to the strip? Catch up on the latest storyline from the beginning and join the party. -Krishna

Security Issues

The PCW T-shirt campaign has closed. Even though we didn’t make the goal, is fulfilling orders for everyone who wanted one. To those of you who preordered a shirt, …