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Hand it to Bob

I thought Mr. Forsheimer could use some PUNishment. -Krishna

Innovation Downturn

Remember, these guys work at Footle, where incompetence reigns supreme. If you have a few moments today, why not take a trip back to Bob’s first day at Footle…? -Krishna

Entertain Us.

Loved, loved, loved drawing panel 3, in particular. -Krishna

Fail Safe

I shudder to think about the number of corporate presentations that might start off this way every day… So… what is your experience like with witnessing “presentations from hell”? Share …

Conference Room B

Hey, Oreville’s back! And so is Trevor. Remember his ultimatum? This should be interesting… -Krishna

The True Friend

I’ve had my nose to the grindstone over the past several weeks, with freelance work and teaching taking up the bulk of my time. With whatever remaining time is left, …