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Wants versus Needs

It’s easy to rationalize our wants as needs. The challenge, I feel, is to see how far we can go with as little as possible. -Krishna

Go Fourth!

I’m taking the weekend off to enjoy the 4th of July weekend. Stay safe and see you on Monday! -Krishna

A Mother’s Day Dilemma

Mother’s Day is on Sunday. Don’t forget to thank your mom for everything she’s done for you. And if you’re feeling extra generous, forget the card and get her a …

Misery Loves Milton

Today’s comic presents the real reason why many people endure Facebook, despite hating it. -Krishna

The Tinfoil Hat

Taking a slight detour from the storyline to check in on Grampa and Milton. Hey, guys! This comic was directly inspired by a conversation I had with my wife. -Krishna

Milton’s Folly

A PSA for all the folks who believe everything they read on Facebook. -Krishna