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Misery Loves Milton

Today’s comic presents the real reason why many people endure Facebook, despite hating it. -Krishna

The Tinfoil Hat

Taking a slight detour from the storyline to check in on Grampa and Milton. Hey, guys! This comic was directly inspired by a conversation I had with my wife. -Krishna

Milton’s Folly

A PSA for all the folks who believe everything they read on Facebook. -Krishna

A Better Social Network

I’m taking a break from the storyline this week to cast the light on Milton and Grampa (among others). If you enjoyed today’s comic, please pass it along to a …

The Anonymous Coward Strikes!

Don’t worry. Be happy. And leave the Internet better than you found it. Words I live by. -Krishna

Guest-Strip by Jack Slade

My month long hiatus from making comics begins this week. Because, as you know, I’m working on a sequel of sorts to the first PC Weenies volume. More on that …