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Trick or Treat

A special Halloweenie themed PC Weenies toon, putting the spotlight on Bob’s son Milton. The storyline from Monday and Wednesday will resume next week. Thanks for reading! -Krishna


At long last we see Milton again. I’ve included storylines for all major PC Weenies characters on the Cast page. Have a look. -Krishna

A Better Place

The fastest Internet speeds in the world include Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Latvia, Romania, Belgium, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Israel and Singapore. Some of the slowest in the world include Libya, …

A Dearth in the Family

Milton gets the news… -Krishna

Wants versus Needs

It’s easy to rationalize our wants as needs. The challenge, I feel, is to see how far we can go with as little as possible. -Krishna

Go Fourth!

I’m taking the weekend off to enjoy the 4th of July weekend. Stay safe and see you on Monday! -Krishna