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Tuesday PCW Book Sketches and a Call to Action

The book order processing continues. Above are two sketches – one within a copy of “Rebootus Maximus”, the first PC Weenies book – the other is a sketch that accompanies …



What happened to Maude’s body? Let the speculation begin! -Krishna

The Reckoning


Triple-sized! Now Quad-sized – because we can do that with comics on the Internet. -Krishna



It’s the last strip for the week for me. I’m taking some (much needed) time off for an actual vacation. If you place an order this week, thank you for …

Aw Chute!


I did my best to channel Chuck Jones when putting this sequence down on pixels. Inks and colors coming for with! Don’t forget to grab your PC Weenies sticker before …

Altitude Sickness


Pam! How could you? It’s official! I’ve booked my tickets to the Small Press Expo 2012 at the North Bethesda Marriott Hotel and Convention Center. I hope to have a …