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No Pain No Gain

There won’t be any new comics next week, because I need to take some personal time off to care for my parents. New PC Weenies comics will resume when I …

The Waiver

Today’s toon could not be published without prior written consent from Footle’s legal team of corporate monkeys. Enjoy! -Krishna

The Greatest Invention!

Thank you for the encouragement, positivity and constructive comments on the strip and storyline so far. I read each and every email and comment. Please keep them coming. So… what …

The Risk Factor

Poor, poor Gizmo… -Krishna

Breaking and Entering

A little late in posting this… By now, Apple’s announcement of a smart watch is fresh on everyone’s minds. It bears a striking resemblance to Gizmo, doesn’t it? And speaking …

Gizmo’s Prime Directive

What’s behind the vault? Stay ‘tooned… -Krishna