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Brick a Brak

Trevor’s back, and this time he has a “phone”. But wasn’t he fired? Yep. We’ll get to the bottom of that soon.

Oh Intern My Intern

If you’d like to support what I do – and have access to the comics as I make them (and download high res versions of my other illustration work), please …

Greatness in a Pair of Cans

Privacy never sounded so good. -Krishna


Today’s comic wraps up the storyline that began way back in August. What’s next for Bob and company? That remains to be seen. Enjoy this special weekend edition bonus strip! …

Post Test Results

What happened to Gizmo and Forrestal? Those loose ends will be tied up in the next strip aka the epilogue. -Krishna

Bob Revealed

With Wednesday’s comic, we wrap up the current story. All will be answered. I hope you have enjoyed reading Bob’s latest adventure. As always, thank you for your support! -Krishna