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With today’s comic, the “Programming Pill” saga has reached its conclusion. Along the way, we’ve picked up a new cast member, Dr. John Finkelstein, and learned a few new things …

Back to Basics


One last strip in this story before we shift gears with a NEW storyline. This particular storyline is actually a build up from the first major story arc: Sergi’s departure. …

The Dirichlet Problem


Bob’s back to normal, or so it seems – What happens next? You can find out! Up to two weeks of extra comic scripts can be seen on the PC …

Plumbing the Depths


My Patreon supporters can see the process from script to final comic – along with a host of hidden goodies. I’ve also posted a new Patreon video, for those of …

A Bone to Pick


Totally forgot that today was Wednesday – here’s a new strip! I’ve hired a body double to record my newest Patreon video. Have a look! -Krishna

Shock Talk


Michael Kinyon is the first PC Weenies guest star to take part in normal PC Weenies continuity. Michael has been a loyal reader for a while now, and I have …