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Status Update

Last night, I was too tired to write. I took some rest and inspiration hit me in the morning. Then I hastily drew the comic right before work. Enjoy! -Krishna

Stare Tactics

Remember to stand at your desk every now and then so management won’t get suspicious.

How to Manage Your Sanity without Quitting Facebook

I can’t quit Facebook. No. I’m not compelled by the annoying online games, the rash of passive aggressive complainers or the myriad of cat photos. I’m beyond all that. I …

Side by Side

In my view, work has enough distractions (meetings, coworkers, email) as it is. Adding Facebook, Twitter, and other social elements simply compounds the problem. I’ve heard from more than a …

Misery Loves Milton

Today’s comic presents the real reason why many people endure Facebook, despite hating it. -Krishna

Social Network Overload and the Artist: How Much is Too Much?

Managing Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and a slew of other social networks can be daunting to anyone – particularly the artist. But is it really necessary? And if so, …