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Meet Gizmo

Eagle eyed readers last week notified me that, in fact, eggs and bacon are healthy foods. This was definitely news to me, but I’ll roll with it. I’m sure every …

An Egg-slent Strategy

I went several rounds on this comic, because I knew what I wanted to say, but had some wording issues. Special thanks to my favorite patrons for helping me by …

A Fresh Start

Bob gives new meaning to “weight watcher”. -Krishna

The Big Wake Up Call

It’s nice to know Bob has his priorities in place… as out of whack as they may seem. Who knew the little guy could be so emotional? We all have …

What’s Eating Bob?

At last, we get back to the office… but what’s troubling Bob? -Krishna

Healthy Choices

Some changes are afoot for Bob, in more ways than one… -Krishna