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Mark Up Stink Up

If you actively develop (or are learning how to develop) HTML code, the W3C Validator is an incredibly useful troubleshooting / debugging tool to have around. I teach an introductory …

Scenes from a Smartphone Users Group

Impromptu smartphone users group meetings take place everywhere these days. -Krishna


Today’s comic wraps up the storyline that began way back in August. What’s next for Bob and company? That remains to be seen. Enjoy this special weekend edition bonus strip! …

Post Test Results

What happened to Gizmo and Forrestal? Those loose ends will be tied up in the next strip aka the epilogue. -Krishna

Bob Revealed

With Wednesday’s comic, we wrap up the current story. All will be answered. I hope you have enjoyed reading Bob’s latest adventure. As always, thank you for your support! -Krishna

Suitable Precautions

Next week – the experiment! Thanks for reading – stay ‘tooned! -Krishna