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Weekend Warrior

This week, we shift the spotlight back to Bob… I’ve also made a few tweaks on the site. Most notably is the new body type used for all blog posts. …

Pretend Work

How do you really feel about team meetings? Sound off in the comments below. (Don’t worry. I won’t tell your boss.) -Krishna

The Status Update
The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Interesting to note, in addition to Bob’s explanation, the Dunning-Kruger effect can also be exhibited by someone who picks up a skill easily, but lacks the self-confidence they need. (Otherwise …

The Computer is an Idiot

It’s been said that computers are only as smart as the person who is programming them. The reality is: computers are idiots. -Krishna

Scenes from a WWDC

Enjoy tomorrow’s toon, a day early. And because it is de rigor to post WWDC predictions. Here are mine for WWDC 2014: 1) New Mac Mini – think new Mac …