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Emergent Task Master

This comic was very much inspired by the new OmniFocus release. While I haven’t used OmniFocus in my personal workflow, I’ve heard great things about it. I manage my tasks …

On Probation

Proof that there are some things worse than getting fired. -Krishna

Performance Anxiety

You’ve got to admire Vindaloo’s spirit… -Krishna

Blankety Blank

Today’s comic was influenced in small part from Shawn Blanc’s latest “Weekly Briefly” podcast, titled “Fear of the Blank Page”. I am always learning something new from him, whether its …

The Link Exchange

Don’t read anything into this. Really. Please. Don’t. -Krishna

Does Not Compute

There are incompetent programmers in our midst. They are everywhere. Maybe you work for one. Maybe you work with one. Do you have any related stories to share? I’d love …