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A Bone to Pick

Totally forgot that today was Wednesday – here’s a new strip! I’ve hired a body double to record my newest Patreon video. Have a look! -Krishna

One Way Out

I’ve started a new process where I spend a few hours in one day writing multiple strips. This process alleviates much of the pressure of having to come up with …

Potion Number Nine

If you’re new to the PC Weenies or a recent reader (been reading for less than a year or so), I’d like to hear from you. Drop me a line! …

A Captive Audience

As a Patreon supporter of PC Weenies, you can read my comics as they are created. Plus, much much more – including illustrations as they’re made and high quality desktop …

Hand it to Bob

I thought Mr. Forsheimer could use some PUNishment. -Krishna

Idiot By Extension

This strip started out somewhere completely different, but thanks to Mr. Forsheimer, I’m pleased with the end result.