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Keeping it Specific

Labor Day is a holiday in the US, but it’s almost regularly ignored by cartoonists. Whether you are at work or at home today, remember, this cartoonist is working for …

Listening to You
Literal Expressions

This comic would have been up sooner, were it not for an Internet outage at my home. Anyway, the latest ‘toon is up. Enjoy the comic! -Krishna

Jello Legs

Hey, I love hearing people tell me that they’ve shared PC Weenies with their friends and coworkers. It makes this whole “doing comics for free” thing a worthwhile endeavor. So, …

Of Flights and Stairs

Long time readers may vaguely recall the guy riding the Segway – it is none other than Eric Shuter, CEO of Footle, who was last seen bumping into Bob during …

Weight Loser