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Today’s comic wraps up the storyline that began way back in August. What’s next for Bob and company? That remains to be seen. Enjoy this special weekend edition bonus strip! …

Post Test Results

What happened to Gizmo and Forrestal? Those loose ends will be tied up in the next strip aka the epilogue. -Krishna

Bob Revealed

With Wednesday’s comic, we wrap up the current story. All will be answered. I hope you have enjoyed reading Bob’s latest adventure. As always, thank you for your support! -Krishna

Suitable Precautions

Next week – the experiment! Thanks for reading – stay ‘tooned! -Krishna

A Normal Request

At long last, we revisit Dr. Elsa Belloq – the scientist who was responsible for Bob’s recent “shrinkage”. -Krishna


Curiously, I’ve been asked why I haven’t weighed in on the Charlie Hebdo massacre that ensued last week. Obviously, I’m deeply stunned and saddened by the events. Violence is never …