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Innovation Downturn

Remember, these guys work at Footle, where incompetence reigns supreme. If you have a few moments today, why not take a trip back to Bob’s first day at Footle…? -Krishna

Partial Eclipse
The Realization

Friday’s comic was initially scheduled for Wednesday, but I held back from publishing it to work on the dialogue a bit more. Anyhoo, it’s now up, and I’m pleased with …

Entertain Us.

Loved, loved, loved drawing panel 3, in particular. -Krishna

Fail Safe

I shudder to think about the number of corporate presentations that might start off this way every day… So… what is your experience like with witnessing “presentations from hell”? Share …

Limited Budge-It

Welcome back – hope your week is off to a good start (unlike Apchuck and Dr. Finkelstein, of course). -Krishna