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At long last we see Milton again. I’ve included storylines for all major PC Weenies characters on the Cast page. Have a look. -Krishna

The Bastion of All Things Nerdy

Truth be told, I agree with Bob. Apple’s iCloud utterly baffles me. I just want a simple method to synch my music between one computer and one device. I don’t …

The Laptop Issue
10 Finger Punch

Windows 10 is here, and I.T. folks around the world are probably getting badgered about it from fellow employees. My sympathy to those of you who have to field these …

Lunch Stall

Well, now we know what Bob does during lunch, and what he’ll probably do after lunch.

Space Man

Today is Systems Administrators’ Day – so don’t forget to thank your hard working IT guy or gal for all that they do. And if you’re in IT, I’ve left …