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Scenes from a WWDC

Enjoy tomorrow’s toon, a day early. And because it is de rigor to post WWDC predictions. Here are mine for WWDC 2014: 1) New Mac Mini – think new Mac …

Emergent Task Master

This comic was very much inspired by the new OmniFocus release. While I haven’t used OmniFocus in my personal workflow, I’ve heard great things about it. I manage my tasks …

On Probation

Proof that there are some things worse than getting fired. -Krishna

Performance Anxiety

You’ve got to admire Vindaloo’s spirit… -Krishna

Blankety Blank

Today’s comic was influenced in small part from Shawn Blanc’s latest “Weekly Briefly” podcast, titled “Fear of the Blank Page”. I am always learning something new from him, whether its …

The Link Exchange

Don’t read anything into this. Really. Please. Don’t. -Krishna