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Bobbing for Work

October is here, which means that this month PC Weenies turns 15 years old! One more year, and this webcomic can finally apply for a driver’s license. :) -Krishna

High Stakes

The team has a week to execute before the hammer comes down. No pressure, guys. -Krishna

Junk It

Sometimes we forget that America put a man on the moon without Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. Think twice before you curse the magic gizmo you carry around. -Krishna

A Follower in Vain

What most people secretly think, Bob says in the open. Enjoy an early edition of Monday’s toon. In other news, I wanted to give a shout out to a digital …

That’s Incredible!

I lost track of how many times Apple execs said “incredible” during yesterday’s keynote so I decided to make a comic to vent my frustration. -Krishna

A PC Weenies T-shirt spotted in the wild!

Reader Karl Wessendorf obliged my request and sent me a photo showing off his new PC Weenies T-shirt. And he went one step further by even posing like Bob on …