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More S.W.E.A.T.

My return to the nostalgia (and characters) of my youth continues with the sketch you see below. Inks: Colors: -Krishna

Evening scenes from a studio

Armed with some new art supplies, courtesy of my new favorite art supply store, Dick Blick, I’ve been exploring more of the analog side of drawing these past few days. …

Apchuck concept sketches

Characters evolve, and for me, it’s usually from drawing them over and over again. Here’s a few sketches of Apchuck I drew this afternoon to refine his design a bit …

Art: Skull Fighter

It literally feels like forever since I’ve done a drawing jam. Here’s one called “Skull Fighter”, which is available as a 2560×1600 desktop wallpaper if you click on it. -Krishna

Bob and Pam (10 years later)

It’s strange what lurks in the crufts of one’s hard drive. I found the image below on a random search; it was an aborted ‘toon attempt during the first few …

Art: Warrior Woman

Another quickie sketch! -Krishna