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Time Will Tell


My call for tech themes to explore was met on Twitter with many enthusiastic replies. Of those responses, I worked up a toon focusing on the fabled iWatch, as suggested …

A Mountain Lion Did Roar


Mountain Lion comes out on Wednesday, July 25th. Many a Mac user will be installing it on that day. I’ll be at work in the morning which will give me …

iPad Squared


I’m presenting this one a day early. Enjoy! For the record, I’m still holding off on an iPad purchase. I really, really want a product like the iPad, but with …

Spilled Milk


Here ya go! Today’s strip marks the 1600th PC Weenies toon I’ve drawn since I started drawing these comics in 1998. Has it really been that long? -Krishna

Makin’ Apps


There is some concern over the impending Mac App Store, and rightly so. The Mac App Store would be a tidy revenue stream for Apple – they’d take 30% of …

The Flatulence Conspiracy


Surprise! Bonus comic! I posted a new one late yesterday evening, but had to crank out a special topical ‘toon because I just couldn’t resist. Today, I’m leaving for Intervention. …