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Boxer Briefs

We all have things we do to get in “the zone”, whether it’s coding, writing a blog post, or practicing a musical instrument. What works for one person may not …

A Flawed Approach
Something Positive

Today’s comic marks the very first time I have had one of my characters use profanity. In its 17 years of online publication, this is a milestone – but not …

Magically Suspicious

This week, we check in to see what Apchuck and Pam have both been up to. -Krishna

Not Going to Work

A slight follow-up to an earlier comic featuring an ambitious Apchuck.

Mark Up Stink Up

If you actively develop (or are learning how to develop) HTML code, the W3C Validator is an incredibly useful troubleshooting / debugging tool to have around. I teach an introductory …