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Just One Whiff

I’ve plotted the next three installments, which lead to the introduction of a brand new character in the Weinerverse (or is that Weenieverse?). The scripts are viewable through my Patreon …

A Captive Audience

As a Patreon supporter of PC Weenies, you can read my comics as they are created. Plus, much much more – including illustrations as they’re made and high quality desktop …

Hand it to Bob

I thought Mr. Forsheimer could use some PUNishment. -Krishna

Idiot By Extension

This strip started out somewhere completely different, but thanks to Mr. Forsheimer, I’m pleased with the end result.

The Realization

Friday’s comic was initially scheduled for Wednesday, but I held back from publishing it to work on the dialogue a bit more. Anyhoo, it’s now up, and I’m pleased with …

Lock In

Welcome back, Pam! What happens next? Stick around, kemosabe! -Krishna