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Generally Speaking
Apathetic Excuse

Let the conflict begin! And let’s hear it for folding travel anvils, too. -Krishna

Scutt-le Butt

Hot off the presses. Inks and colors will happen, I promise. -Krishna

Let’s Be Awkward Together

The title above was coined by one of my friends during SPX, but it seemed highly appropriate to reuse for today’s strip. Full disclosure: I had intended on coloring and …

Military Man

I’ve been waiting to share this reveal. Initially, when I planned to bring Pam’s dad into the strip, I wanted to make him tall, athletic and buff (sorta like the …

Surprise Daddy

I’ve officially caught up with processing all orders for PC Weenies Annual #1. All orders will ship on Monday. If you’re waiting on a package it should arrive within 7 …