Pcw fam

Making comics is a labor of love for me. One doesn’t make comics for 15 years for any other reason. :)

Comics are my passion, but they take a considerable amount of time and effort to produce. And I don’t mind it one bit. In addition to my cartoons, I also enjoy giving back to the community that supports me, by sharing my cartooning techniques and writing reviews on hardware and software.

If you like what I do, the best way you can support my efforts is to share the PC Weenies with your friends. Just reading and sharing the comic is an enormous help to me and to PCW.

If you feel so obliged, you may make a donation. If you’d like to help the comic, know that your 100% of your donations will go back towards all the art supplies, software, hardware and hosting expenses that providing a “free” comic online entails.

From time to time, I occasionally update my Amazon Wish List, if you prefer to contribute that way.

Once again, thank you for reading and sharing the PC Weenies. I genuinely appreciate your generosity and loyalty and hope to keep delivering toons to you for many years to come.

Stay ‘tooned,