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  1. Visit the Sivamstudios Store and place your order.
  2. Once your payment has been received, I will send you a confirmation email.
  3. Send along at least TWO photo references for your guest-star, along with a general set of ¬†tech themes (if you have one) you’d like me to consider. Remember, the goal of the comic is to be funny and have wide appeal for all audiences. :)
  4. Once I have completed the rough draft, I will then send you an email with it for your review. (Two revisions maximum.)
  5. After your OK, I’ll get started on inking and coloring and captioning the ‘toon and I will notify you of when your guest-star toon will appear.
  6. Bask in the glory of being famous! That’s it!

Guest-Star Testimonials:

Krishna, i wanted to take a moment to let you know what an honor it was to be a “Guest Star” on PC Weenies. I am truly honored to have been a part of it and of your continued success. Talent, and your sharing spirit with those who love your work are a very welcomed addition to what sometimes is a cold net.”V. Cajiao, Toon # 833 Typical Mac User Podcast

“As a long time PC Weenies fan, I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to become a “Guest Star” in one of Krishna’s wonderful toon. Even if as the manager of the Eyeskream webcomic creators group, I would probably lost all credibility to my members”E. Bouchard, Toon # 823

Thank you so much for creating a one-of-a-kind present for my husband that will live on in family and Google history.-Ellen Spertus

“The print arrived this morning which is perfect timing! Chris was thrilled it was a total surprise. I told all the other people involved with Minion to have a look at PCW and they are all thrilled as well. It has turned into a win win situation some publicity for Minion for us, and some for PCW for you. We will link to PCW from the Minion homepage.” – Karen Petrie

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Please note: All characters, drawings and commissioned artwork and the characters contained therein (with the exception of copyrighted or creator owned characters and mascots) and proceeds from the same are the sole property of Krishna Sadasivam. By making your payment, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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