What’s Eating Milton?

Below are links to the storyline currently in progress, in the proper sequence:

Things will all be properly sorted when it’s time for the next PC Weenies book, just like the first PC Weenies book, “Rebootus Maximus”. And speaking of which… here are the Top 10 Reasons you should buy the book TODAY:

10. You get two years of hilarious PC Weenies strips AND bonus artwork, commentary, and extra never-before-seen goodies all in one beautiful package. (But you already knew that.)

9. It’s wireless (No Internet connection required.)

8. For a Version 1.0 release, it is completely crash proof and does not require a reboot before using.

7. It does not require accepting an EULA.

6. It’s portable and easily transportable.

5. If you’re giving “Rebootus Maximus” as a gift, you do not need to provide technical support.

4. It does not require a user manual (a sense of humor helps)

3. It’s future-proof.

2. Purchasing version 1.0 provides R-n-D (research and drawing) funding for version 2.0.

1. No assembly (or C++) required!

Proceeds from every book sold between now and July 17th will help fund my plane tickets to Intervention in Rockville, MD and Lexington, KY. These are two GREAT comics events that will help promote the medium of comics, put on by a crew of dedicated folks who really care about the medium.

As always, thanks for your support!

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