Apologies to Bill Barnes, but the title felt appropriate for today’s comic. What’s in store for Bob and his new right-hand man, Apchuck? All I can say is: stay ‘tooned…

In other news…

More and more readers are informing me that they have received their copies of my new book, “Rebootus Maximus”. Send in those photos, if you’ve got your copy! :-)


What’s that?

You don’t have your copy yet?

Well, fear not – dear reader! If you order yours today I’ll throw in the PCW / UNcubed Sampler #1 comic book with each Artist Edition order (worh $5 all by its lonesome!). Buy an Artist’s Edition, get a Sampler and a personalized sketch in your book – while supplies last!

But Hurry, cause once the Sampler’s are gone – they’re GONE for good! Both “Rebootus Maximus” and The PCW / UNcubed Sampler #1 are first printings.

Be among the few, the proud, and the geeky.

BUY yours TODAY!


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  • JefbotFan#300Reply
    September 18, 2009 at 8:04 am

    ouch….hehehe…been through your archive…its 8 pm and i’m still at my office

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