Undivided Attention

New comic is late, not because of the fact that wasn’t already drawn (it was!), but rather we at the Sadasivam household have been plagued by Internetus Infrequentus, Latin for “Internet connection sporadic at best”. We’ve had two Brighthouse techs come by the house in an attempt to solve the problem but so far, no dice. A third is expected to audition for the part of “hero” sometime on Saturday morning. We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, if I could ever so gracious ask you for favor, it might be phrased something like this:

Could you do me a huge favor today and work the StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Facebook buttons on any comic you’ve enjoyed in the archive?

Thanks a bunch!


P.S. The 13th anniversary sketches have been drawn and will be mailed shortly.

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