Under the Bed…

When I was a little boy, I dreamed of making my own T-shirt. That little boy grew up to be a cartoonist. But he still had not realized his dream. And he drew, and drew. After making online comics for nearly 15 years he decided to put his dream out into the universe and designed a shirt after his own heart. That shirt, my friend, is what you see to your left.

This is the first PC Weenies branded T-shirt – the first of its kind. And it represents a dream that needs to be fulfilled. So he found TeeSpring. He did a lot of research. He had to do it right. Because dreams cannot be taken lightly.

What you see before you is not a shirt; it is one man’s dream. In the form of a T-shirt.

These T-shirts are screened prints, made of the finest quality. When you wear one, you become part of an elite club. You are a dream maker. You are a tech enthusiast. You will impress others with your technical prowess. And you will feel good because you are supporting an indie tech-themed comic. And you could also win a copy of the Fantastic Four Omnibus Volume 1 ($125).

We only need 7 more backers as of now. Update: The shirt has 50 backers! You may still order one and be eligible to win the FF Omnibus, if you’d like.

You and I both know what you need to do. Back this shirt. Do it because you are generous. Do it because you have impeccable taste. Do it for Bob. Making dreams come true has never been more fulfilling.


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