The Perfect Candidate

Today’s comic guest-stars long-time PC Weenies reader Martin Laurent Jr.. Martin won himself a walk-on role by his cover letter. Here’s what he wrote:

Why should I work for FOOTLE? Top Five Answers (and yes, They’re Real):

Reason #5:

Ten (10) years Tech Support service – to every level of person, from n00b to 1337.

Reason #4:

Ten (10) years experience – three gigs – as a Manager of small groups, businesses,
think tanks.

Reason #3:

I don’t let reasons #4 and #5 go to my head. Modesty ain’t optional, folks.

Reason #2:

I believe in working for a living, not sponging off. I get it.

…and, of course, –

Reason #1:

If you hire me – even for Just One Day –
I will make it my personal mission to make you very happy that you did!

So? Let’s kick it…
– M.

Just like any good cover letter, Martin told me what he could do – and he showed passion!
There were several great entries to choose from. Don’t get discouraged if I didn’t pick you… there will be other opportunities soon…


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  • Michael KinyonReply
    June 11, 2013 at 11:20 pm

    Congratulations, Martin!

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