The Devil's Brew

Earlier this week I decided to post the PSD of today’s comic for other people to color. I received two submissions which I wanted to share:


This one’s colored by Danny Burleson (check out his webcomic, Oy!)

…and the one below is colored by Kreg Steppe, using an assortment of digital crayons:


You can see the full versions of both strips if you’d like. (I’d post ’em here, but their size would break the blog’s layout.)

I’m posting these because I really enjoy sharing my work and seeing what other people can do with it. You don’t HAVE to be an artist to color. If you’d like to take your stab at something I’ve drawn, visit the PCW forums, where I’ll periodically post new PSD files for inking and coloring.

Regarding today’s strip, the To Be Continued tag implies that I’ll be posting a bonus PCW Guest-Star comic this Sunday, which is removed from the current storyline.Today’s story arc resumes on Monday…

Let me know what you think…


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