Rescue Party

Happy New Year!

I took a much needed break from the art desk, focusing on some family time and R and R. We visited Miami and had a wonderful time taking in the culture, food, and (of course) water activities.

As I promised last month, the current storyline is close to wrapping up. (If you’re new to the story, you can read it from the beginning to catch up.)

Taking a break from making comics gave me some time to reflect on the new year and solidify some new goals. There are so many new projects (both personal and professional) I want to tackle this year that maintaining my current comic making schedule (three strips a week) is just not feasible for me. So, effective immediately, I’m switching down to a one to two comics a week schedule.

The PC Weenies is a free comic, and as such, making it requires a considerable amount of invested time. Cutting back on the comic will give me the time I need to pursue other things that I’ve always thought about but never quite started.

Later this week, I’ll be speaking at a gallery exhibit on webcomics at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. I’ll be giving an artist talk at 6:30PM in the Mary Harris Auditorium. The gallery exhibit will run from January 8th thru 30th. If you’re in or near the Denver area, please drop on by and say hi.


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