Other World: Halloween edition!

Do webcomics have commercials? Well, this one does – at least for today, but only because a) it’s Halloween and b) it’s another comic I make!

You can check out more installments of “The Other World”, a comic series I’ve developed for site sponsor Other World Computing, on their blog. The comic you see before you is the 60th strip I’ve made for OWC – a sponsorship that has been in place for 2.5 years!

Of course, OWC makes great hardware for both Macs and PCs, which is why I’m pleased to have them as an advertising sponsor. I state that as a long time customer of theirs, having purchased hard drives, RAM, SSDs, PCI cards and the like over the years.

Enjoy the (brief) break from the current storyline! It’s my hope to have a new PC Weenies strip up for Thursday!


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