Of Doubting Apchucks

How do I write these strips?

The comics published this week were written on Sunday afternoon, wedged between family time and household chores. I first start with a general theme / direction that I’d like to pursue with the characters. I jot some notes down on scraps of paper that I keep by my computer. I refer to this as my “plotting” phase. Then I sit back and let the characters do the talking to let me know how they’ll get there.

That’s the fun part.

When I write a comic, I open up a blank PSD template file (containing the 4 panels of the strip) and start hammering out dialogue. I try to get the basic gist of the punchline written down immediately so I don’t lose my train of thought. After the first draft’s written, I’ll go back and wordsmith. At this point, I’m focusing on the characterization, setup and tightening the punchline. I usually have an idea of what the accompanying images will look like in my head. After I’m satisfied with a general draft of the strip, I’ll proceed to the rough penciling phase. All the while, I’ll be fine-tuning the script to make it even tighter.

The writing process for a week’s worth of strips (3) takes me anywhere between 2 to 4 hours.

You can see the rest of my process work for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s strip in the following video, captured in real time:

Watch live video from PC Weenies TV on Justin.tv

(You may want to forward it to the 2 minute mark, as there is some dead air in the beginning.)

That’s the stuff you usually don’t see. Have a question about how I create the strip? Let me know!


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  • L.Z.Reply
    August 6, 2010 at 8:25 pm

    So glad to see/have Bob back @ Footle! Loving this storyline.

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