Laboratory Retreiver

As you know, I’ll be taking a brief break next week while I attend to some personal business. Hopefully, I’ll have a few guest-strips (maybe?) to run while I’m away. (Oh, and while you’re here, I posted a new UNcubed comic yesterday…)

My freelance docket has filled up, but it looks like things will settle down for me in January. In the meantime, with the holidays upon us – I have a few items for sale at the PC Weenies store.

Whether you want your own copy of Rebootus Maximus (the first PC Weenies book), one of three remaining copies of The PC Weenies Annual #1, a custom digital print or even a limited edition PC Weenies sticker – your support means a lot!

As always, thank you for reading and sharing the comic (and site) with your coworkers and friends. Support indie comics creators!


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