Hand Me Down

Today’s toon was drawn on a borrowed Wacom Intuos4 tablet, with little time to spare. Inks and colors added soon, for I need some sleep.


These beautiful and intelligent people wrote

  • GJBReply
    March 7, 2012 at 8:42 am

    LOL!! Great reference there with Geraldo…

  • mataalReply
    March 7, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    “Today’s toon was drawn… with little time to spare”
    Emmm… is that why there are two “our”s in the first panel?

    • KrishnaReply
      March 7, 2012 at 1:46 pm

      yep! that was me typing while sleep deprived. I’ll fix it. Thanks for the catch, mataal!

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