Guest-Strip by Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph

As I promised earlier, this week (M,T,W,Th) will feature guest-strips from some truly talented cartoonists from all across the web. Friday will feature a Halloween-themed ‘toon by yours truly.

Today’s ‘toon comes to you via Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph.

You can check out more of Jerzy’s comics at MLATcomics. Mark’s comics can be found at CV Comics. Their work can also be seen at Sugary Serials. Both Jerzy and Mark specialize in long-form, serialized comics, so it was doubly awesome for me to see their collaboration in a strip format. What was even more impressive is that both guys took time out of their incredibly hectic schedules to make today’s comic. I think they both did a terrific job – I can’t thank them enough.

I first came across Jerzy and Mark via their Art & Story podcast a few months ago. If you make comics, you need to listen to their podcast. I’ve benefited greatly from the discussions and creator interviews they have, whether it be on panel layout, character design, or any other comic making subject. It’s one of my top three podcasts I listen to each week.

From time to time, I participate in their live sister-podcast, Art & Story Alive, which runs every Monday afternoon at 5PM EST on I’d like to tip my hat to both gentlemen for making a fantastic strip that truly made me smile. Please share your comments on the strip below, and better yet – visit their sites and give them some feedback!

Thanks once again, Jerzy and Mark!


These beautiful and intelligent people wrote

  • JarmoReply
    October 27, 2008 at 3:30 am

    Oh, man. Jerzy & Mark deliver! I just fell in love to a punch-line! :D:D:D I can’t stop laughing.

  • tpiroReply
    October 28, 2008 at 3:40 am

    Great strip!

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