Guest-Strip by Jared Stokes!

One of my former students, the immensely talented and yet ever so humble Jared Stokes, sent in today’s PC Weenies guest-strip.

With his submission, Jared wrote:

Hey Krishna! This is my submission for your guest strip. I got the idea thumbing through my bookmarks looking for material and I found this: (I also personally think the trend of photographing the unboxing of new tech swag is about as tech-geeky as one can get.)

I hope you like it!

I do!

Jared’s toon had me laughing out loud, and as far as unboxing pics go, I am like Milton: guilty as charged!

Jared is an amazing artist, specializing in caricature. His use of hyper-exaggerated shapes and forms in his drawings is really something to behold. Don’t take my word for it, though – check out his caricature blog! Jared also draws a very entertaining, yet very emotionally raw autobio webcomic that you should take a peek at. It’s good stuff.

Thank you again for the terrific guest-strip, Jared!


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