Guest-Starring: Brent!

I never got Brent’s last name, but his wife Tammy Yap wanted to surprise him with his very own PC Weenies guest-star comic to commemorate his 34th birthday.

On possible ideas for his appearance, Tammy wrote:

“As for the techie info, I think the biggest thing that distinguishes him is that he’s a designer on Call of Duty 4. He plays it well, but is sometimes aghast at how juvenile the chatter of other players is (he’s turning 34, the average age sounds like 14 :P)

He’s an intelligent, all-rounder, down-to-earth techie. Uses a PC at work, a couple more at home, but has an iPhone and Macbook… loves to do research online to figure out stuff, but isn’t obsessively nerdy.


Tammy submitted a few photo references, and I opted to tackle Brent’s affinity for CoD 4 in the strip.

Finally, I’d like to publicly acknowledge my friend Scott Prichard for helping me with some of the CoD dialogue. I don’t play video games so his technical consultation on the game and subject were invaluable. Thanks, Scott!


P.S. Brent appears on the Guest Star Wall of Fame, to commemorate his appearance.

These beautiful and intelligent people wrote

  • JasonReply
    May 27, 2008 at 1:38 am

    Very funny. I wouldn’t put it past some old Sergeant Major playing the game and using terms like that.

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