Does Not Compute

There are incompetent programmers in our midst. They are everywhere. Maybe you work for one. Maybe you work with one. Do you have any related stories to share? I’d love to read them.

By the way, special thanks to my Patreon supporters who help fund the comics you are reading here three times a week. You guys rock! PC Weenies will always be a reader supported endeavor. Right now we’re hovering close to $60 a month. I think we can bring that up to $100 this week.

What will the money be used for?

Good question:

First and foremost, because there are no ads, the proceeds go towards paying for hosting and other expenses related to maintaining a website. As more funds are raised, I would like to be able to purchase a GoPro camera and mount to do screencasts. A dedicated recording unit would be very useful for me in delivering video tutorials and drawing demonstrations.

What’s in it for you?

Well, for starters: Patreon supporters have full access to comics before they are published online. We have a small, but dedicated group of folks providing feedback on scripts for upcoming comics. They’re part of my inner circle, if you will. Supporters also get PC Weenies: Rebootus Maximus and PC Weenies Sampler #3 as eBooks in PDF format to download (144 pages in total). From time to time, I also share high resolution art and desktop wallpapers -exclusive for supporters.

Don’t feel obligated to pitching in. Do it only if you want to.

Thanks for your support!


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