Distractions Galore!

Word on the Tweets is that we have a guest-strip slated for Friday, but in the meantime, enjoy this toon that I created for site sponsor Other World Computing. If you’re looking for hard drives, memory, iPad and iPod cases, and more, Other World Computing is the place to go. They’ve been in business since 1988 – back when I owned my first computer – an Apple IIGS!

I’ve been a satisfied customer of OWC for many years before they became an advertising sponsor. It’s an honor to have them on board!

In other news, I need your help. As of this writing, I need 40 more backers to get the first ever PC Weenies shirt made. It won’t happen unless you support it. There are five days left to make the first PC Weenies shirt a reality. Support Bob and let’s make it happen!


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  • FrankReply
    September 23, 2014 at 7:25 am

    I DREAMED of owning an Apple ][GS! It was my ultimate goal (and never eventuated at the time). It had COLOUR! Actual colour. I know my old Apple ][+ could do colour too, but at a higher price and the ][GS’ colour was better. I did eventually get a ][GS many years later in 1997. It was a scrap item in the back room of the company I worked for at the time (as a Certified Apple repair guy). I had a lot of fun with it and finally realised my lifelong dream of owning one. Which, unfortunately by 1997 was a bit of a letdown.

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