Inspired by a true story, somewhat.

Many years ago, I offered to play roulette for a buddy of mine who had given me ten dollars to gamble with. His only stipulation: he wanted me to bet it all on Black 13. If we won, we’d split the cash in half. If we lost, no biggie.

Having never played roulette before, I watched the game for a few rounds. Slowly, I gathered the courage to place my bet. I put it all on Black 13. The wheel spun. I watched, with a slight knot in my throat. Serendipitously, the roulette wheel landed on Black 13. We WON!

I gathered my coins and took off to find my friends, who were playing at another table. As I left my table, I could hear a stern voice in the distance. “SIR! Come back here.” I turned. The bit boss motioned me back to the table. What happened? Was I in trouble? Would I have to return my winnings?

His words to me: “You forgot your extra winnings.”

I had left money on the table. I grinned sheepishly and collected my winnings.

I’ll never forget that moment as long as I live. Anyway, that’s the somewhat tangential connection to today’s comic. Enjoy!


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