All About Roscoe

Everyone knows someone like Roscoe…

If you like or love the strip, float me a favor: tell a friend or ten. It’s free. No out of pocket – and we both win. This comic, the reviews – basically everything here is a labor of love for me. I write the comics every Sunday. I draw the comics every Sunday.

Every week.

It’s a bit insane to keep doing something for so long (18 years, yeah!). So, if you like what I’m doing, and you want access to the newest PCW comics as they’re freshly made (along with a host of other goodies – behind-the-scenes stuff and access to high res copies of other illustration work that I do), consider a tiny pledge to my Patreon page. The funds earned on the Patreon page go back to the site, like hosting fees, hardware / software purchases for reviews, and tools I need to keep doing what I do.

It’s been a while, but I’m also working on a fresh batch of PC Weenies regalia – namely new T-shirts. More on that soon.


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