Everything She Wants…

The last two panels were originally written to be something completely different, but this is another one of those moments where the characters “told” me what was going to happen next. I have learned it’s best to listen to my characters…

Inks and colors happening mid-Monday-ish up now!

P.S. I’ve moved the site’s commenting engine over to Disqus. Bottom line: it’ll make it easier than ever to post a comment. I’m in the midst of exporting all existing WP comments over to Disqus, so don’t panic if your pre-existing comments aren’t showing up.


About the author

Krishna Sadasivam creates custom comics and illustrations for organizations, magazines and companies. A champion of comics advocacy, Krishna speaks, blogs, and writes articles on illustration and sequential arts techniques and the importance of the comics medium in both education and brand awareness. His clients have included Microsoft, Mashable, Other World Computing and EE Times. His work has been featured on many notable websites, including TechCrunch, Gizmodo and CNET. His portfolio can be found at krishnadraws.com.

  • Jake Eskel

    Makes for a good beginning-of-the-end. Awesome climatic moment.

    Can I ask you character’s for advice on my homework?

    • Jake Eskel


      Random: An edit feature, relying on an email match, or a simple account system on this site, in my eyes, is a good idea, so we can edit our posts.

      • Krishna

        I’m open to installing something like this. Do you have any recommendations, Jake?

  • http://fabricgirl@yahoo.com Angela

    Those last 2 panels are priceless! Read this during a break at work & had to reign in my out-loud laughter!

    • Krishna

      Thanks, Angela! I always appreciate feedback! :)

  • http://www.pcweenies.com Krishna M. Sadasivam

    testing Disqus out…

  • Jake Eskel

    Hmm! I like it, probably. Although edit doesn’t work (I’ll delete this in my edit, if it does). Fast signup, would love to see if login works as well. Edits to follow, if it works.

    • http://www.pcweenies.com Krishna M. Sadasivam

      Thanks, Jake! I haven’t been able to get Disqus to fully import all older comments – but it does seem to do a much better job overall than WP’s default commenting system.

      • Jake Eskel

        How about a “view legacy” which allows for reading but not interacting with the old comments?