All Along the Washtower

A little late today, thanks to another comics project I’m working on. But that doesn’t mean things aren’t cooking with Pam and Chastity…

Suffice to say, you really don’t want to miss the next installment!


Update: The previous strip has been inked and colored. I’ll have the one before that inked and colored soon, too.

About the author

Krishna Sadasivam creates custom comics and illustrations for organizations, magazines and companies. A champion of comics advocacy, Krishna speaks, blogs, and writes articles on illustration and sequential arts techniques and the importance of the comics medium in both education and brand awareness. His clients have included Microsoft, Mashable, Other World Computing and EE Times. His work has been featured on many notable websites, including TechCrunch, Gizmodo and CNET. His portfolio can be found at

  • Parakh

    What’s next…………………
    where the hell she got that sword…..
    Krishna I am clueless what would happen next….

    • Krishna

      … a good villain always plans ahead ;)

  • SDWhiteboy

    What’s with Chastity’s magical wardrobe change???

    • Krishna

      Not magical… In the previous strip we see her changing her clothes (panel 1). :)

      • SDWhiteboy

        I completely missed that without color!

  • hari

    The larger panel size is allowing your artwork to really be expressive and free. Great choice!

    And a movie-like climax coming up?

    • Krishna

      Thanks, Hari. Stay ‘tooned! :D