Don’t Read the Archives

Warning: Reading these comics can be habit-forming, cause mild hysteria and can lead to excessive hours wasted at work.


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Mar 23The Job Fair
Mar 20The Secret Weapon
Mar 16A Daughter’s Love
Mar 13Questionable Actions
Mar 9Bulldog Vindaloo
Mar 6Letting Go
Mar 2Inhuman Resources
Feb 27The Walking Dead
Feb 23Fired When Ready
Feb 20In the Line of Fire
Feb 16Critical Pathway
Feb 13Utter Collapse
Feb 9The Fortress of Solitude
Feb 6Misjudgement Call
Feb 2Knowledge and Experience
Jan 30Hidden Agenda
Jan 26Simulation Stimulation
Jan 23The Chamber of Secrets
Jan 19Escape Key
Jan 16The Humblebrag
Jan 12Hammer Time
Jan 9Stat Spat
Jan 4Failure to Launch

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