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Warning: Reading these comics can be habit-forming, cause mild hysteria and can lead to excessive hours wasted at work.


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Dec 18The Game
Dec 16Work Weak
Dec 14Full of Fiber
Dec 11Stand Up Man
Dec 9Thoughts Provoked
Dec 7Battle Chasers
Dec 4Measure Up
Dec 2Liar Liar
Nov 29Disposal
Nov 26Gadget Freaks
Nov 25Man Up
Nov 23All the Arrangements
Nov 20The Truth Comes Out
Nov 18Everybody Loves Rajput
Nov 16Sibling Ribaldry
Nov 13The Proud Father
Nov 11Future Bride
Nov 9Sensitive Subject
Nov 6Bloated Pig
Nov 3Meet the Parents
Nov 1Unnatural Acts
Oct 29Trick or Treat
Oct 27An Intentional Play
Oct 26The Honesty Policy
Oct 23Pressure Cooker
Oct 21Twinkle Toes
Oct 18Parent Trap
Oct 16Waxing Poetic
Oct 13The Ten Minute Boot
Oct 12The Hoverer
Oct 9The Icon Conflict
Oct 7The Birthday Wish
Oct 5Theat Level Apchuck
Oct 1Oreville and Bugs
Sep 30Apchuck’s Defense
Sep 28The Code Review
Sep 25The Fraud
Sep 23Dr. Strange
Sep 20The User Inter Face
Sep 18Troubleshooting 101
Sep 16True Believers
Sep 14No Satisfaction
Sep 11The Employee Satisfaction Survey
Sep 9The Wall of Truth
Sep 7Another Brick in the Wall
Sep 4One Word Return
Sep 2Brick I/O
Aug 31Brick a Brak
Aug 28The Bug Report
Aug 26Bad By Association
Aug 24The Unabridged Guide to Work Ethics
Aug 21The Friday Blues
Aug 19Disengage
Aug 17The Technical Snag
Aug 14The Wireless Connection
Aug 12Funzies
Aug 10The Bastion of All Things Nerdy
Aug 7The Laptop Issue
Aug 510 Finger Punch
Aug 3Lunch Stall
Jul 31Space Man
Jul 29Sitting Pretty
Jul 27Miss Understanding
Jul 24Briefly Briefed
Jul 22Oh Intern My Intern
Jul 20All Kidding Aside
Jul 17Sita’s Latte Slave
Jul 15Dude, where’s my code?
Jul 13Money for Nothing
Jul 9Work Weak
Jul 7Nut Driver
Jun 24Follow the Leader
Jun 22Code Sweat
Jun 19Sita
Jun 17Nothing Matters
Jun 15Status Update
Jun 14Just the Two Of Us
Jun 12Maker’s Fair
Jun 10Money Talks
Jun 8Ethical Maneuvers
Jun 5Fan Fiction
Jun 3Shooting Blanks
Jun 1Acts of Ignorance
May 28Home Schooled
May 27Art Imitates Life
May 24Watching the Future
May 21The Secret to Happiness
May 20Stare Tactics
May 18Boxer Briefs
May 15A Flawed Approach
May 13Something Positive
May 11Magically Suspicious
May 8The First Date
May 6Card Player
May 4Man Stand
May 1Baby Heart
Apr 29Permission Request
Apr 27Free Agent
Apr 24The Older Woman
Apr 22Mommy Mixup
Apr 20Double Speak
Apr 16Admit One
Apr 15The Special Connection
Apr 13Mrs. Higgins, I Presume?
Apr 10Finders Keepers
Apr 8Hotshots and Hackers
Apr 6Small Talk
Mar 31Failure to Launch
Mar 30A Galaxy of Interest
Mar 27Sniffer Picker Upper
Mar 25At the Register
Mar 23Wingding Men
Mar 20If Looks Could Shill
Mar 17The One
Mar 16Socially Active
Mar 13Oreville’s Secret
Mar 11Leaving Early
Mar 9The Feeling of Failure
Mar 6The Apple Conversation
Mar 4The Urgent Message
Mar 2Forty Ways to Annoy Your Coworker
Feb 26The Best Laid Plans of Cable Customer Retention Specialists
Feb 25Not Going to Work
Feb 23Apologies for the Oversight
Feb 20No Response
Feb 18Greatness in a Pair of Cans
Feb 16Mark Up Stink Up
Feb 11HDMI Headache
Feb 9Scenes from a Smartphone Users Group
Feb 8Epilogue
Feb 4Post Test Results
Feb 2Bob Revealed
Jan 28Unconditional Love
Jan 26Expect the Unexpected
Jan 21Clothing Optional
Jan 19Good News Belloq
Jan 16Suitable Precautions
Jan 14A Normal Request
Jan 12Starters
Jan 7The 64 Million Dollar Question
Jan 5Rescue Party