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Dec 24The Right Words
Dec 22Keepers Finders
Dec 19The Barter
Dec 17Pam’s Hunch
Dec 15On the Fritz
Dec 12The Elephant in the Room
Dec 10Spittle Fittle
Dec 8The Deluxe Model
Dec 5Deathly Hallows
Dec 3Making Arrangements
Dec 1Mortuary Mortimer
Nov 28Interrupt Request
Nov 26Tear Down Pound Down
Nov 24Wants Versus Needs
Nov 21Stuff It
Nov 19Six Grueling Weeks
Nov 17Burger Time
Nov 14A Little Setback
Nov 12A Better Place
Nov 10A Dearth in the Family
Nov 7Reggie and Forrestal
Nov 5Between a Spider and a Hard Place
Nov 3Faulty Logic
Oct 31Crisis Management
Oct 29A Highly Personal Matter
Oct 27Greatly Exaggerated
Oct 26Apple Watch 2.0
Oct 24Spider, Man
Oct 22Tweet Bot
Oct 20Particle Man
Oct 17A Moment Alone
Oct 15Right off the Top
Oct 12Difficult to Stomach
Oct 10Security Issues
Oct 8A Lot of Questions
Oct 6The Sit Down
Oct 3A Little Quandry
Oct 1A Bad Sign
Sep 29Let the Test Begin!
Sep 26Cable Hoarders Anonymous
Sep 25On Dates and Tech Talk
Sep 24Interruption Disruption
Sep 23Completely Useless
Sep 22The Prognosis
Sep 19No Pain No Gain
Sep 17The Waiver
Sep 15The Greatest Invention!
Sep 12The Risk Factor
Sep 10Breaking and Entering
Sep 8Wildest Aspirations
Sep 5Gizmo’s Prime Directive
Sep 3Level Unlocked
Sep 1Keeping it Specific
Aug 29Listening to You
Aug 27Literal Expressions
Aug 25Jello Legs
Aug 22Of Flights and Stairs
Aug 20Weight Loser
Aug 18Gizmo’s Secrets
Aug 15The Weight Problem
Aug 13Hammer Time
Aug 11Guilt by Gizmo
Aug 8Gizmo’s Logic
Aug 6On a Roll
Aug 4Meet Gizmo
Aug 1An Egg-slent Strategy
Jul 30A Fresh Start
Jul 28The Big Wake Up Call
Jul 25What’s Eating Bob?
Jul 23Healthy Choices
Jul 21To the Letter
Jul 18What’s Up, Doc?
Jul 16Blood Work
Jul 14Weight Loser
Jul 11Play Time with Sonia
Jul 9Sonia’s Drawing
Jul 7Wants versus Needs
Jul 4Go Fourth!
Jul 2Daddy Daughter Time
Jun 30About Face
Jun 27A Glorious Sunrise
Jun 25All Work and No Play
Jun 23Weekend Warrior
Jun 20Job Haters
Jun 18Apchuck’s Dilemma
Jun 16For Love Nor Money
Jun 13Pretend Work
Jun 11The Status Update
Jun 9Binge is the new Watching
Jun 6The Dunning-Kruger Effect
Jun 4The Computer is an Idiot
Jun 1Scenes from a WWDC
May 31A Timely Announcement
May 30Coding for Cash
May 28Head Games
May 26Emergent Task Master
May 23On Probation
May 21Performance Anxiety
May 19Blankety Blank
May 16The Link Exchange
May 14Does Not Compute
May 12Sam-Strung
May 9A Mother’s Day Dilemma
May 7Work Out
May 5Side by Side
May 2Diminishing Returns
Apr 30Semicolon Semantics
Apr 28Epilogue
Apr 25Back to Basics
Apr 23Epi-Curious
Apr 21The Dirichlet Problem
Apr 18Plumbing the Depths
Apr 16A Bone to Pick
Apr 14Shock Talk
Apr 11Paging Dr. Kinyon
Apr 9One Way Out
Apr 7Potion Number Nine
Apr 4Just One Whiff
Apr 2A Captive Audience
Mar 31Oddly Enough
Mar 28Hand it to Bob
Mar 26Idiot By Extension
Mar 24Farewell Little Potato
Mar 21Misery Loves Milton
Mar 19The Tinfoil Hat
Mar 17The Bigger Picture
Mar 14In The Company’s Best Interest…
Mar 12Innovation Downturn
Mar 10Partial Eclipse
Mar 7The Realization
Mar 5Thanks for the Memory
Mar 3Lock In
Feb 28Entertain Us.
Feb 26Fail Safe
Feb 24Limited Budge-It
Feb 21Conference Room B
Feb 19The Buck Stops Here
Feb 17Secondary Side Effects
Feb 13Will You Be My Valentweenie?
Feb 12The Disappearing Act
Feb 10The Handler
Feb 7Busted
Feb 5The Magic Word
Feb 3Sneaking In
Jan 31Milton’s Folly
Jan 29The Simplest Ideas
Jan 27Held Accountable
Jan 24Nonsensical Gibberish
Jan 22Break Down
Jan 20Bored Games
Jan 17A Golden Opportunity
Jan 15Yacking it Up
Jan 12Feminine Charm
Jan 10Beer Bait
Jan 8The Antidote
Jan 6The Beer Guzzling Neanderthal
Jan 5On Resolutions…
Jan 3Man Up