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Dec 29An Undivided Resolution
Dec 24Twas the Night Before Christmas…
Dec 19Just Clause
Dec 17Wireless Speechless
Dec 13Hover Over
Dec 11The Finkelstein Defense
Dec 8The Five Minute Question
Dec 6Higher Ed
Dec 3Introducing Mr. Sports
Dec 1An Unpredictable Outcome
Nov 29Tablet Business
Nov 26Arcade Fire
Nov 24A Better Social Network
Nov 22Get the Phone
Nov 20Passive Aggressive
Nov 18Odd Taste
Nov 14The Finkelstein Tea Party
Nov 12Back in My Day
Nov 11Tea Leaves
Nov 7Risky Business
Nov 6A Tough Act to Swallow
Nov 4Maxwell Smarts
Oct 31The Terror in the Night
Oct 29The Programming Pill
Oct 27Dr. Finkelstein’s Lab
Oct 25Golden Boy
Oct 22Beware the Keynote!
Oct 2115 years!
Oct 18The Best of the Best
Oct 16The Experiment
Oct 13Beat Apchuck
Oct 11Mind Over Matter
Oct 9The True Friend
Oct 7Blood, Sweat and Tears
Oct 3Flirting With Disaster
Oct 2Bobbing for Work
Sep 30High Stakes
Sep 27The New Computer
Sep 25Feeling Validated
Sep 23Unit Testing 101
Sep 20The Lighter Side
Sep 17Junk It
Sep 15A Follower in Vain
Sep 13The Generation Gap
Sep 11That’s Incredible!
Sep 9Tap Dancing
Sep 6Like It Or Not
Sep 5Ergo Nauts
Sep 3Simple Times, Simple Needs
Aug 30Bob’s Birthday Budget
Aug 28The Birthday Surprise…
Aug 26The Anonymous Coward Strikes!
Aug 23Tass Times in Toner Town
Aug 21Bed Time Blues
Aug 19The Presentation
Aug 16Done Broke
Aug 14An Unhealthy Sit-uation
Aug 13Under the Bed…
Aug 12Batchin’ It
Aug 10Tethered and Bound
Aug 9Guest Comic by Joe Edens
Aug 8A Designer’s Rant on the New Mac Pro
Aug 7Distractions Galore!
Aug 5Guest-Strip by Jack Slade
Aug 2On Probation
Jul 31The Closed Door Meeting
Jul 29Team Players
Jul 26Security Through Obscurity
Jul 24The Code Audit
Jul 22What’s Eating Pam?
Jul 19A Salty Solution
Jul 17Hot Vindaloo!
Jul 15Up to Speed
Jul 12The Intellectual Woman
Jul 10The Boys’ Club
Jul 8The I in Teamwork
Jul 5Sergi’s Replacement
Jun 28Fair and Square
Jun 26The 4PM Interview
Jun 24An Esteemed Observation…
Jun 21Felonius Munk
Jun 19Big Brother is Watching
Jun 17A Compromised Position
Jun 13Falling Flat
Jun 11The Perfect Candidate
Jun 9Nerds of A Feather
Jun 8Psyche Out
Jun 7Mixed Signals
Jun 5Hangers On
Jun 3Vindaloo’s Defense
Jun 2The 21st Century Hobo
May 31Smart Phone Time Out
May 29Only the Lonely
May 27Call and Response
May 26An Amazing Future
May 24The Confession
May 22Gross Busters
May 19The Record Deal
May 17The Neutral Zone
May 15Meeting Highlights
May 13Palm Power
May 10Epilogue: Feeling it Out
May 8Parting Shot
May 6Burnt Toast
May 3An Awkward Situation
May 1More Breathing Room
Apr 29The Best Coder on Staff
Apr 26Sergi
Apr 24Discretion is Everything
Apr 22Masking It
Apr 19A Sensitive Subject
Apr 17Stink Eye
Apr 15Take My Breath Away
Apr 12The Three Hundred Percent Defense
Apr 10Vendor-ific
Apr 7Sticking it to the Man
Apr 5Word of Mouth
Apr 3The Sickening
Apr 1Achhooo!!!
Mar 29Tweetless
Mar 27So You Can Rest Medicine
Mar 25Feverishly Yours…
Mar 23Sticky Fingers
Mar 22Another World
Mar 20I Before E except after Key
Mar 18The Spilled Keyboard Blues
Mar 15Glued to the Screen…
Mar 13Buy Scouts
Mar 11Specked Out
Mar 8Bell-Blogging Blues
Mar 6Time Will Tell
Mar 4Blitzkrieg Bop
Mar 1Home Work
Feb 27Weathering the (App) Storm
Feb 25Feed Me
Feb 22A Final Salute
Feb 20Unchained Melody
Feb 18Rules of Dis-Engagement
Feb 14Avoidance Mode
Feb 13Smartie Pants
Feb 11Now Hear This
Feb 8Check Out
Feb 5Socially Unacceptable
Feb 3Stuper Bowl Sunday
Feb 1Kissing Cousins
Jan 30No Compromise
Jan 27The Importance of Being Earnest
Jan 25Doomsday Device
Jan 23Built to Roam
Jan 21Windows 8 Times Five
Jan 18A Bob by Any Other Name…
Jan 16Self-Check
Jan 14Social Mixup
Jan 11Motorhead
Jan 9Satisfaction Survey
Jan 7Run of the Mill
Jan 5Clone Bob: The Epilogue
Jan 4The Perfect Conclusion
Jan 2Into the Wild