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Dec 31Search Injuns
Dec 29Returning Guest-Star: Victor Cajiao
Dec 26Guest-Starring: Ann Kerigan
Dec 24Gift Exchange
Dec 23PCW Classics Revisited
Dec 22Catchin' Claus
Dec 19Santa Economics
Dec 17Double Down
Dec 15Guest-Starring: Mike Perron
Dec 13Son of Weenie
Dec 12Bubble Bob
Dec 10The Unwinnable War
Dec 8Selling It
Dec 5Penny Savers
Dec 3Retail Rage
Dec 1Guest-Starring: Jillian Russo
Nov 27Thanksgetting…
Nov 26The Flip Side…
Nov 24Word Up
Nov 21It's All in the Fingers…
Nov 20Raiding the Tome
Nov 19Guest-Starring: Jennifer Rosenberg!
Nov 17The Price is Right
Nov 14Sticker Shock
Nov 12Short, Fat, Inquisitive Men
Nov 10The Dark Side
Nov 7Kindred Spirits
Nov 5The Bretheren
Nov 3Dearly Departed…
Oct 31Happy Halloweenie!
Oct 30Guest-Strip by Danny Burleson!
Oct 29Guest-Strip by Rasmus Pettersson
Oct 28Guest-Strip by Steve Napierski
Oct 27Guest-Strip by Jerzy Drozd and Mark Rudolph
Oct 25Guest-Starring: Karl's Mom
Oct 24Nerd Squad
Oct 22The Loyal Customer
Oct 2110 Years!
Oct 20Firewire RIP
Oct 17Passing the Buck
Oct 15A Fine Decision
Oct 13This Insubstantial Pageant Faded…
Oct 11Saturday Bonus!
Oct 10The Promised Land
Oct 8Meet Mr. Cranky Pants
Oct 6A Little (Linux) Love
Oct 3Which Version?
Oct 1The Reprimand
Sep 29Windows Ubuntu
Sep 26Guest-Starring: John Tesar
Sep 25Orientation
Sep 22Three Simple Rules
Sep 19Highly Confusing Jargon
Sep 17Do Not Adjust Your Screens
Sep 15A Change of Heart
Sep 13PCW Classic Strikes Back
Sep 12Reluctancy Expected
Sep 10Early Riser
Sep 8The $10 Million Gamble
Sep 5The Counter Offer
Sep 3Bouncin' Back
Sep 1The Crying Game
Aug 29All Fired Up
Aug 28Guest-Starring: Clemens Gerlach!
Aug 27The Culprit
Aug 25In the Clear…
Aug 24Missing Inaction…
Aug 22The BackUp Plan…
Aug 20The Internet's Down
Aug 18Guest-Starring: Tanya Joy de Marco
Aug 15Sounds Complicated
Aug 13I.T. Myths Debunked
Aug 11Money to Burn
Aug 8Art Imitates Life
Aug 6Geek Rituals: Unboxing
Aug 4It's Never Enough…
Aug 3PCW Classic Sunday
Aug 1The 411 on the 419
Jul 31Buyer's Remorse
Jul 30The Good Doctor
Jul 28I Love It When a Scam Comes Together….
Jul 25Q.T. with the Fam
Jul 23Night Moves
Jul 18The Revenge of Jonah
Jul 16DND
Jul 14Talkin' Bout My Appre-ciation…
Jul 11Digital Dreamin'…
Jul 9There's Nothing Like Protection
Jul 7In Line…
Jul 4On the Bleeding "Edge"…
Jul 2Free Tech Support
Jun 30Unwritten Rules of the Game
Jun 28PCW Saturday Classics
Jun 27Pulling the Trigger…
Jun 26Bonus Strip: Bill's Last Day
Jun 25All Apologies
Jun 23Bungle in the Jungle
Jun 20Guest-Starring: Chris Jefferson
Jun 18Tanked Up
Jun 16That’s The Liquor Talkin'…
Jun 15Guest-Starring: Robert Crittenden
Jun 13The Devil's Brew
Jun 11Oh No, Mr. Bill!
Jun 9Meet the Neighbors…
Jun 7WWDC Special
Jun 6Career Daze(d) and Confused
Jun 4Guest-Starring: Frank Smadja
Jun 2No Touchie!
May 30Guest-Starring: Jill Huchital and Mike Kelley!
May 29Revenge of the Classics!
May 28Guest-Starring: Gauri Shah and Mayur Datar!
May 27Guest-Starring: Brent!
May 26The Problem’s Solved on Your End…
May 24Guest-Starring: Leo Laporte
May 23PCW Classic
May 21Beware of the Fedora!
May 19Da Da Da Daaah Da Da Duuuhhh…(whapish!)
May 16Delusions of Grandeur
May 14Operation: Unboxing
May 12Open Apple
May 10Mother’s Day Edition
May 9Obscure Comic Book References #1372
May 7Convenient Stereotypes
May 5Of Fathers and Sons…
May 4PC Weenies Guest-Star: Will Schmied!
May 2Don’t Look a Gift-Horse in the Mouth…
Apr 30A Little Patience…
Apr 28R U XPerienced?
Apr 27Epilogue…
Apr 25Milking It
Apr 23Projectile Barf
Apr 21Ralph
Apr 20Guest-Star: George Brazil!
Apr 1850 and counting…
Apr 16Beware of Little Packages…
Apr 14Stirring the Pot…
Apr 13PCW Classic (bumper pack)
Apr 11Guest-Star: Jason Reed!
Apr 9Rhetorics
Apr 7In the Family…
Apr 6Whew!
Apr 5The Double Whammy
Apr 4Fin?
Apr 2Presentation Hell
Mar 31The Connection
Mar 28The VeeCees
Mar 26Airborne Attack
Mar 24Flirtations with Continuity
Mar 21Twitter TMI
Mar 19For the Birds…
Mar 17Guest-Star: Ellen Spertus
Mar 14Guest-Star: Keith Golden
Mar 12It’s What’s for Dinner
Mar 10Four Disparate Consonants about Math, Romance and Physics
Mar 731 Flavors
Mar 5Unplugged
Mar 3Support H-E-L-L
Feb 29Guest-Star: Barry Thelen!
Feb 27Guest-Star: Andrew Robert Smith
Feb 25Guest-Stars: Karl and Marv
Feb 22The Dating Game
Feb 20Guest-Star: Harold Bright
Feb 18HD-DVD: Failure
Feb 15Apple II Forever
Feb 14Guest-Star: Tracy Brazil!
Feb 13Guest-Star: Zoe Brazil
Feb 11Guest-Star: Louis Brazil
Feb 8It’s Technical
Feb 6Return to Form…
Feb 4Guest-Star: Paul Studiman
Feb 1The Slacker Programmer’s Guide…
Jan 30Manager-Speak
Jan 28The Electronic Leash
Jan 25On the Lighter Side…
Jan 23On Mobile Phone Etiquitte…
Jan 21There’s Something in the Air…
Jan 18The Usual Suspects
Jan 16Are you a Web Analytics Junkie?
Jan 14Guest-Star: Victor Cajiao!
Jan 11Macworld Special…
Jan 9Linux Converts…
Jan 7Anarchy in the U.K.!
Jan 4Workforce Distractions…
Jan 2A New Beginning…