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Warning: Reading these comics can be habit-forming, cause mild hysteria and can lead to excessive hours wasted at work.


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Dec 13Bored at Work
Dec 10Face the Books
Dec 6A Few Words
Dec 3On Gratitude
Nov 30Mr. Fix It
Nov 26Playing Games
Nov 23Miss Much
Nov 19Holidaze
Nov 16A Matter of Importance
Nov 12Lunch Crime
Nov 8Back-Ended Compliment
Nov 5Incompatible Router
Oct 30Trick Or Street
Oct 30Sick Day
Oct 25A Little Donation
Oct 23Solicitation Notice
Oct 18Peer Review
Oct 16Performance Anxiety
Oct 11Liberty or Death
Oct 9The Breakfast of Champions
Oct 5Lost Love Lost
Oct 2Glory Hole
Sep 27BusyMan
Sep 24Defensive Tactics
Sep 21Sizeable Differences
Sep 18More or Less
Sep 14The Other World
Sep 7Focus Pocus
Sep 3Collision Avoidance
Aug 31Secret Code
Aug 28Weekend Warrior
Aug 23Bad Programming
Aug 21Losing Touch
Aug 17The Memory Exploit
Aug 14Exploits Exposed
Aug 10The Hearing Problem
Aug 6Mechanically Inclined
Aug 2A Chance Encounter
Jul 30Company Property
Jul 26Blaze of Glory
Jul 24Mac Break
Jul 19Rude Butt
Jul 16Mommy Complex
Jul 12Read Me
Jul 10Painless Transition
Jul 5Man Eater
Jul 3Awakenings
Jun 28A Meeting Minute
Jun 25Boarding Pass
Jun 15Vital Information
Jun 11Meeting Minutes
Jun 8Sounds Crazy
Jun 4Table Conversation
May 31Offer Up
May 29A List of Pros and Cons
May 24Genuine Interest
May 21Toughie
May 17Are You Experienced?
May 15The Design Process
May 10The Awkward Introduction
May 7All the Perks
May 4Mommy Says
Apr 30Brother in Arms
Apr 27Introductions
Apr 24The Very One
Apr 20At Your Service
Apr 17The Mobile Candidate
Apr 13The Internet Addict
Apr 9On Alexa
Apr 5Keeping Company
Apr 3A Transcript of Motivation
Mar 29Seriously, Hiring
Mar 26The Right Place at the Wrong Time
Mar 23The Job Fair
Mar 20The Secret Weapon
Mar 16A Daughter’s Love
Mar 13Questionable Actions
Mar 9Bulldog Vindaloo
Mar 6Letting Go
Mar 2Inhuman Resources
Feb 27The Walking Dead
Feb 23Fired When Ready
Feb 20In the Line of Fire
Feb 16Critical Pathway
Feb 13Utter Collapse
Feb 9The Fortress of Solitude
Feb 6Misjudgement Call
Feb 2Knowledge and Experience
Jan 30Hidden Agenda
Jan 26Simulation Stimulation
Jan 23The Chamber of Secrets
Jan 19Escape Key
Jan 16The Humblebrag
Jan 12Hammer Time
Jan 9Stat Spat
Jan 4Failure to Launch