FlipClock: A Worthy Desk Clock for iOS

There are many Clock apps on the iOS App Store. Some are gaudy, some are plain ugly, and a handful are actually decent. The one I prefer is FlipClock by Cuiling Shi.

With FlipClock, I can easily read the time, day and date – from anywhere in my studio office. This feature set is practical and minimalistic. Many clock apps feature additional info, such as weather, humidity, temperature, etc. Personally, I could care less for those additions. Just give me the time in big, bold numerals.

The main screen has a clean, minimalistic aesthetic to it. The default color for the clock’s numerals and data is white. The time appears in a crisp, legible san-serif typeface – with a nice contrast between the information and the nearly black background. Above it, to its left, is the day. To its right is the date. In addition, Flip Clock’s main screen has three icons on it. On the top right are the settings, where you can customize the app’s behavior as well as unlock the premium features. On the lower left is the alarm clock status, and on the bottom right is a Flashlight module.

FlipClock can announce time on the hour, if you fancy. There is also a “Do not disturb” setting to suppress the hourly notification, which lets the user select their particular time interval.

FlipClock lets you try before you buy. The free version runs ads under the clock. This gives you an opportunity to test the app to see if it’s right for you. For a mere 99 cents, you can remove all ads. The paid version unlocks an additional yellow type face. For an extra 99 cents, you can choose from a range of colors. I prefer the yellow because it’s a little easier on my eyes – particularly when I use my iPhone as a nightstand clock. When the FlipClock app is open, your iPhone will stay awake (which I also really like). What it does not do is play your favorite song as an alarm.

In short, if you are looking for a clean, no-frills desk clock or nightstand clock, give FlipClock a try.


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