Strip Panel Naked: Comics Analysis

The medium of comics is more than a simple juxtaposition of words with visuals in a sequential form. At its best, visual storytelling can transcend both to create something far more powerful and sublime.

Good comics are crafted. The masters of the craft: Eisner, Steranko, Kirby, etc. took visual storytelling to new heights. And the boundaries of the medium continue to be pushed.

If you tell stories, whether through comics, film or animation, I highly recommend checking out Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou‘s Youtube channel, Strip Panel Naked.

Each episode of SPN takes a closer look at specific elements within visual storytelling. As a comics maker myself, Hassan’s channel is pure gold. I’ve learned so many useful tips and techniques from his analysis on various comics.

Some of his previous topics have included: Color as Subtext, The Sound of Speech Bubbles, Controlling Movement, and Using Dialog as Action.

To get a taste of what SPN offers to comics fans and creators, check out Hassan’s analysis of Chris Samnee’s effective use of controlling movement on the page, using Marvel’s “Black Widow” comic as an example:

The use of staccato panels, as evidenced in Jim Steranko’s work on an issue of “Captain America” is another highly informative example.

Whether you enjoy reading comics or making them, there is something for everyone at Strip Panel Naked. Check it out!


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