If you’re a long time reader to this site, you may have noticed a few tweaks and fixes to some long standing problems I’ve had with the layout and customization of my site. Tweaks that should make the PC WEENIES site more appealing and functional. I’ve been meaning to work on these tweaks for a few years now, but each and every time I tried to fix it, I ended up getting frustrated. The problems I attempted to fix were well beyond my own knowledge of WordPress.

I needed an expert.

Enter Upwork.

Upwork makes it really easy to find and hire a qualified developer. Simply post your task opening and wait for qualified candidates to respond. I posted my task list on Friday night and by the time I sifted through my emails the next morning, I had several candidates who were interested. After the screening process, I selected a young man named Nadeem, who was prompt, courteous, and super fast at making the necessary fixes and tweaks I asked for. Best of all, the price was reasonable.

I just wanted to say that I found Upwork to be super helpful in finding a strong, technical candidate to help me with my site. The site’s interface was intuitive and everything was straight forward. There’s even a built-in messaging system to directly converse with your new hire. Payment works through escrow. You put a price on the task and you only pay when the job is completed to your satisfaction. Clients can even add a bonus for a job particularly well done.

With the new tweaks in place, and a strong developer in hand, please let me know if you have any ideas, requests, fixes etc. for the site, in terms of navigation, structure or anything else. I’m definitely open to feedback, and now that I have a great developer to work with, there’s a strong chance the implementation will happen soon.


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